Beating Aegis MKII is one of the hardest achievements in Project: Pokemon. Beating Aegis MKII has a high reward. 280,000 pokedollars! But if you do a rematch with Aegis MKII, he gives you 17249 pokedollars. Anyway, to beat Aegis MKII, is to have a strong team and strategies. Let's go:

Team Edit

A Pokemon with Thunder Wave Edit

One pokemon to beat Aegis MKII is to have a pokemon with Thunder Wave. Thunder Wave can decrease speed and paralyze the opponent. You could use Electrode, which would have Thunder Wave in it's moves. If it doesn't, use the Move-Relearner. You could also Deoxys-Speed Form, as it would most likely have Thunder Wave too. The pokemon needs to be level 100.

A Pokemon with Overheat Edit

Another pokemon move to have is Overheat. Overheat has a power of 130 and accuracy of 90%. Aegis MKII has only one weakness: Fire. You need to EV train a strong Fire type, like Entei or Chandelure. You also need it to be level 100.

A Pokemon with a Special Defense lowering move Edit

You need a pokemon with a special defense lowering move, such as Jynx or Mawile. I recommend Mawile, as it is not weak to Steel. You need to use the special defense lowering move (Such as fake tears) to lower the special defense of Aegis MKII. It will make Overheat more powerful to one shot before Aegis MKII before he uses Repair.

What to Do Edit

You need to use the pokemon with Thunder Wave first, to paralyze Aegis MKII. You then need to use the pokemon with Fake Tears (Or another move) to lower Aegis MKII's Special Defense. You then use the pokemon with Overheat and use Overheat. Congrats! You have beaten Aegis MKII!

Methods or Strategies Edit

Some methods or strategies can help with beating Aegis MKII. You can use one of the most popular ways to beat Aegis MKII , which is above, but these are different. Here are the methods:

Project Pokemon Aegis MKII strategy win almost everytime

Project Pokemon Aegis MKII strategy win almost everytime

Mewtwo/Kyurem Strategy Edit

This is for the pro players with Kyurem and Mewtwo.

If you want to beat Aegis MKII quick, you want a Mewtwo with Thunder Wave and a Kyurem with Fusion Flare. You want to train Mewtwo's speed to it's full potential and Kyurem's speed (It's pretty slow). Once that is done, face Aegis MKII. Use Mewtwo first, then he should go first. Use Thunder Wave then Aegis MKII will most likely use Bullet Spray, a move that can K.O. most pokemon. Once Mewtwo is fainted, use Kyurem. Kyurem should be first, then use Fusion Flare. It should two hit, but if Aegis MKII uses Freeze Cannon without a critical, Aegis is done. Watch the video if you don't understand.