About Project: Pokémon
Project: Pokémon is a ROBLOX game that was created at May 10, 2013. It seems like a game in Pokémon, but some Pokemon aren't in the game. Wish_z has created this game ever since he thought about a Pokémon Project. Only 2 things about this game are different. 1 is that he makes/copies the pictures for Kalos/Alola Pokémon. 2 is that he only uses the gym leaders, and Gary. Not the other characters that you would have to battle. However, today wish_z has over 1M+ people that play Project: Pokemon everyday. Project: Pokémon Wiki, (which is us,) gives the information about Project: Pokemon. Well, want a tip to beat the whole game in 1 day? First, you need to pick a starter. We know you can pick any starter, but I highly recommand these starters. For Generation I, pick Charmander. For Generation II, pick Cyndaquil. For Generation III, pick Treecko. For Generation IV, pick Chimchar.. Generation V would be 2 starters actually. Pick Tepig, or Snivy. Generation VI would be Froakie. (Note that Ash-Greninja is not in this game right now.) And Generation VII is a little confusing. As you can see, you would think that Popplio is what you would pick. But, why not pick a Litten? It's a good attack stat. Try and pick these starters I tell you, they are good. Project: Pokémon goes up to the Champion Badge. Once you do, battle trainers that have level 100 pokemon, or beat the E4 again to get much much more money! That's how you beat the whole game! Still, need help finding the pokemon you want? What if you have weak stats in your pokemon? Go ahead! We have Iso bots that can both level up your Pokémon and stats. Level up is Iso, Attack is Iso_Attack, Sp. Attack is Iso_SpAttack, Defense is Iso_Defense, Sp. Defense is Iso_SpDefense, Speed is Iso_Speed, and HP is Iso_HP. (Note that SpAttack and SpDefense can't go through, max limit letters will work) That is how to go the Project: Pokémon style! But.. what if you run out of money? Go and find Pokémon to battle, beat trainers (most money for the trainers is the gentleman.), and beat the E4. That is how you know everything about Project: Pokémon now! Credit to: MarioClubPenguin for doing all of this! Shoutout to the Project: Pokemon Wikia for helping us out! Warning: Fandom Users must behave also. If you don't you will be blocked or banned.