Shinies are rarer than regular pokemon. Some may even fit into your pokemon. Let's take the time to answer questions before you comment.

How Rare? Edit

Well, it has a 1/1400 chance to find. It is harder than Auras. So there is a possibly chance that you will find a shiny. With the Shiny Gamepass, you will find it easier. It would be 1/10.

What Shinies are cool? Edit

Ahem. Let me talk. The best shinies are mostly black/megas/legendaries. Shiny Mega Charizard X fits perfectly in this section. These shinies are harder to find. Mostly you could find them in patches, or swarms, and roulette.


This is one of the Project: Pokemon wikias pictures, a shiny eevee from Shinypalooza.

Why are shinies rarer? Edit

It is because their color changes, like shiny Hawlucha is black.

When were shinies introduced? Edit

At Johto, or Generation II. In the Kanto region, it could only be a shiny if it had higher stats. Now, shinies are different colors.

Was there a event for shinies? Edit

Yes. It was called "Shinypalooza." It is over now, but wish_z increased the chances for shinies and made mystery codes that were shiny for a whole week.