Picking your starter was mentioned on the Pokemon Tips Wiki page. To start Project: Pokemon, you might wanna catch a Pidgey or Rattata, even though they are terrible pokemon. They will help you fight the gyms when you evolve them. Anyway, Professor Oak will ask you to pick up a parcel in the Pokemart. Once you do this, you can get 3 pokeballs. Use those 3 pokeballs to catch pokemon such as Heracross, which is useful for the 4th gym. Once you catch a new pokemon (It will help!) use your pokes against Brock, a rock type trainer. Once beating him, you can train your pokes at Route 3. Once your pokes are at least level 15, you are ready for Misty. You can use your newly caught pokemon or starter against Misty,as your pokes are now really strong. Once you beat Misty, try to find a Diglett in Route 11.. it will help against the 3rd gym, as it is a Electric-type gym. You want to train that Diglett until it is strong and has a Ground type move (If it doesn't have one). Once you beat Lt. Surge, Working on..